Telcom Masterclass Early Bird Countdown – Only 7 Days Left


Transcript of the video

Things are heating up, Sint Maarten here we come! Hi, This is Anthony from Okinawa Consulting and Top Telecom Training.

I believe you must have seen my invitation to our next Telecom Masterclass in Sint Maarten?

If not, let me give you a quick summary of what you can expect:

The first week of April, on 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th of April to be exact, we are organizing a Masterclass titled:

“Turning New Technologies into Greater Opportunities and Higher Profit.”

This masterclass will not only give the participants true insight into the challenges telecom stakeholders face on a day to day basis (mainly induced by the insurgence of new technology), but also offers practical solutions on how capitalize on these new developments and create new revenue streams, despite the changing telecommunication landscape. On top of that, we dive deep into how organizations can reduce costs significantly with smarter workflows.

Day 1 and 2 will get all the participants on the same level of understanding first – laying the foundation, while on day 3 and 4 we will focus on revenue generating and cost reduction practices. The participants will walk out with practical tools and strategies they can implement from day 1.

I have to warn you though that one of the side-effects of this Masterclass is that it eliminates the disconnect that often exists between the different departments and disciplines. One of the symptoms you will notice, is staff members get better results working as a team, simply because they will start speaking the same language, which allows them to perform better towards reaching company goals.

So, having said that, now it’s your turn. Click on the link below, it will lead you to the event page, share and discuss this information with your colleagues, department heads, vice presidents and board members, and register your organization for the event.

But, don’t wait too long, the Early Bird Special expires in just 7 days. Don’t miss out-on this opportunity and don’t miss-out on the great relationships we will foster together.

Your lead trainer will be Henry Dijkstra, a seasoned telecom specialist from Pulse Telecom New Zealand. On of the things that you will notice, is their unique approach towards training, meaning, bringing their own video productions into the classroom and interactive role-playing sessions.

Things are heating up, Sint Maarten here we come. It’s gonna be great, it’s gonna be awesome, and and I’m really exited to meet you and shake your hand in person.

So, don’t wait-up and take advantage of the Early Bird Special. See you in Sint Maarten!

Register your company below:


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